Police Commission Requirements & Rules

For many people, automobiles are an essential part of life in Los Angeles. We use them to get to work, for recreation and for everyday life. Most consumers do not think much about their vehicle ever getting impounded. Fortunately, for individuals whose cars are towed and impounded by the City of Los Angeles, the public will find a highly regulated and professional group of operators.

The current OPG system is decentralized and operates throughout the City, in order to provide a full offering of services to the public and city personnel. The towing companies who serve the City are one of the most highly regulated businesses in Los Angeles. Strict regulation is vital to instill public confidence and maintain good business performance.

To ensure that a uniform standard of quality and efficiency for those services was established and maintained, the City empowered the Los Angeles Police Commission to oversee, regulate and set the rules and regulations under which the service would be rendered.

The Los Angeles Police Commission (CID) regulates the OPGs. Rules governing the OPGs are many, significant and strict – from internal policies and procedures, administrative requirements, customer service decorum, facility and equipment requirements to rates. The OPGs are uniform in their service to the City of Los Angeles and must comply with the Police Commission’s requirements under their contract.

Specifically, OPGs must comply with 25 separate City regulations, as well as additional state and federal laws pertaining to conduct, performance and appearance. CID periodically inspects each OPG. They each must file monthly activity reports detailing the number of call requests received from the City of Los Angeles and its various departments.

OPGs must maintain liability insurance, as well as insurance indemnifying the City. In more than 60 years, the City has never paid out a claim on an OPG-related matter.

For more information, please visit http://www.lapdonline.org/police_commission